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Vegetation Transect Database Browser

NOTE: Because this is a real-time query of UMESC's Oracle Database, any query submitted may take a while, depending on the complexity of the query, the amount of data in the database tables querying, and the current load on the server.

NOTE:Please read the UMESC LTRMP Database Browser Notes before using this browser.

Query parameters are appended to each other using AND logic conditionals only. Using any type of OR logic conditionals greatly complicates the query for both the user and the program logic.

River Pool, Begining Date, and Ending Date are the only required parameters. If these are the only parameters entered, then all data for this River Pool and Date Range will be retrieved. If additional parameters are entered, the data retrieved will be a subset based on the parameters.

Parameters which are not entered are not used as a criteria to further subset the data query.

Parameters which are a range or a minimum/maximum value require two parameters, one for the start or minimum, and one for the end or maximum. If either of these parameters are not entered, the entire range is cleared and not used as a parameter for the data query.

Enter the criteria you would like to use in your vegetation transect query:

Field Station:

Please select the Field Stations(s) you would like to query (Required):

Field Station 1 (Lake City, MN)
Pools 4 and 5
Field Station 2 (Onalaska, WI)
Pools 7 and 8
Field Station 3 (Bellevue, IA)
Pools 12 and 13
Field Station 4 (Brighton, IL)
Pool 26 & Lower Alton Pool
Field Station 6 (Havana, IL)
Upper Alton Pool & LaGrange

Date Range:

Vegetation Transect data has been collected every year starting in 1991 to 2000, and was collected during the months of May through August (except for the LaGrange Pool which has some September data as well).

Starting Years For Each Pool
Field Station River River Pool Starting Year Ending Year
1 (Lake City, MN)
Mississippi Pool 4
2 (Onalaska, WI)
Mississippi Pool 8
3 (Bellevue, IA)
Mississippi Pool 13
4 (Brighton, IL)
Mississippi Pool 26
6 (Havana, IL)
Illinois La Grange

Attention: The four digit date is now being used.

Please enter a beginning and ending date you would like to query with: (Required)
(Format: mm/dd/yyyy)
: Date Range: Beginning: Ending:
Location Code:

The method of locating where the data was collected is by recording what is called a Location Code. The format varies, however, the primary format used is rmmm.m where r designates the river (M = Mississippi and I = Illinois), and mmm.m is the river mile (recorded to the nearest 0.1 mile).

Please select the Location Code(s) you would like to query with. You may choose from the provided list, type them in, or use a combination of each.(Not Required):

If any Location Codes you are interested in are not in this list, you need to type them in here (separate each Location Code with a space).
You may use * (many characters) and ? (single character) as wildcards in any combination. Example: M2??.? would get all Mississippi Sites for river miles 200 - 299.
(Not Required):
Location Code List:

Water Depth: Water depth is measured to the nearest 0.1 meter. Please enter the water depth range desired: (Not Required)
(Valid Range: 0 - 10)
Water Depth Range: Minimum: Maximum:
Vegetation Type:

A brief description of the general types of vegetation (No vegetation means no vegetation was collected at that particular location.

Please select the Vegetation Type you would like to query with (Not Required):
Combination of submergent and floating vegetation (SF) Floating leaf vegetation (FL)
No vegetation (NV) Submergent vegetation (SB)
Submergent seen visually (VS) Submergent visual plus on rake (RV)
Floating plus submergent visual (FV) Floating plus submergent visual plus on rake (BV)

Vegetation Species (Common and Scientific):
Scientific Species are listed after the Common Species.

You may select multiple Species by holding your control key down while selecting them.
Please select the Species you would like to query with (Not Required):

Vegetation Species:

Choose the data fields you want to download for your query. If you choose "All Fields" (default), all the fields from the data field list will be downloaded. If you want to only download certain fields, select them by first clicking on the first one, then, while holding down your Control key, click on additional ones.
If any fields are selected and you still have the "All Fields" selected, you will only get the selected fields, not all fields.
"All Fields" needs to be selected by itself to work.

Data Field List

Download Data As Fixed Column Length Format
Download Data As Comma Delimited Format
Download Data As XML Format


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