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Upper Mississippi Upper Mississippi River (map)
Select a Reach - Upper Mississippi River
  • Reach 1 - Navigation Pools 1 through 13
  • Reach 2 - Navigation Pools 14 through 26
  • Reach 3 - Lock and Dam 26 to the confluence with the Ohio River

UMESC Projects - Complete listing of UMESC projects conducted along the Upper Mississippi River.

Select a Reach - Illinois River
  • Alton - Mississippi River to the La Grange lock and dam.
  • Brandon - The Brandon lock and dam to the Lockport lock and dam.
  • Dresden - The Dresden lock and dam to the Brandon lock and dam.
  • La Grange - The La Grange lock and dam to the Peoria lock and dam.
  • Lockport - The Lockport lock and dam to Lake Michigan.
  • Marseilles - The Marseilles lock and dam to the Dresden lock and dam.
  • Peoria - The Peoria lock and dam to the Starved Rock lock and dam.
  • Starved Rock - The Starved Rock lock and dam to the Marseilles lock and dam.
Saint Croix


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