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50 photos from UMESC Photo Archive
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50 photos from the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center Photo Archive

Scientist Wayne Willford conducting a tour at Riverside Park Fish Control Lab
Scientists Verdel Dawson and Sharon Abidi anaylyzing samples in the Chemistry Lab
Scientist Joseph Hunn at gas chromatograph
Scientists Jeanette Ernest and Richard Schoettger sample blood from Rainbow Trout
Scientists John Crowther and Leif Marking handling Common Carp at the French Island facility
Scientist working in the field
Open house at the new French Island facility in 1986
Lab work
Male Yellow Warbler captured at banding station
USGS Scientists sampling fish in the Upper Mississippi River
Common Loon
Songbird banding along the Upper Mississippi River
River view by Desoto, Wisconsin
Scientist Pat Heglund demonstrates bird release at Environmental Explorers Camp
Scientist measuring frog during Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative fieldwork
Mayfly takes refuge on Arrowhead plant
USGS scientist Tom Custer examines barn swallows near Lake Charles, Lousiana,  exposure of barn swallow nestlings to trace elements, petroleum, and PCBs
Scientist prepares samples for analysis in the lab
Brady's Bluff, Upper Mississippi River
Upper Mississippi River flood
Scientist Janis Ruhser interprets aerial photographs
Sunset in Voyageurs National Park
Beaver Creek State Park, Minnesota
Adult daphnia with eggs as seen under a microscope
Vegetation mapping field work at Glacier National Park, Montana
Students collecting water samples on the Upper Mississippi River
USGS scientist at lake
USGS Scientists Kevin Hop and Larry Robinson examine aerial photographs with a stereo scope
Mayfly hatch on the Upper Mississippi River
Adult green frogs
USGS scientists Steve Houdek and Jim Rogala monitoring plants during Pool 5 drawdown
Monitoring frog calls with parabolic microphone
Grey Tree Frog
USGS scientist Pete Boma and Jennifer Cavanaugh retrieve ice core to obtain sediment samples for the nitrogen project
USGS scientist Mark Gaikowski studying the effects of electroshocking on sturgeon in UMESC ponds complex
USGS scientist Tom Custer and US Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Dave Warburton check swallow boxes
USGS scientists Bob Kennedy and Brent Knights holding a lake sturgeon
USGS scientist Walt Sadinski sampling amphibians in Voyaguers National Park
USGS and University of Wisconsin at La Crosse scientists testing methylmercury contamination of fish in Voyaguer's National Park
USGS scientist Jon Vallazza sampling fish on Pool 8, Upper Mississippi River
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff electroshocking fish on the Upper Mississippi River for the Long Term Resource Monitoring Program
USGS scientist Jeff Houser sampling fish on Target Lake, Upper Mississippi River
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff winter sampling water quality on the Upper Mississippi River
USGS scientists Michael Boogaard and Mark Hanson sampling sea lamprey pesticides in the lab
USGS scientist measuring the endangered Higgins' eye pearlymussel on the Upper Mississippi River
Juvenile winged mapleleaf mussels produced at USGS in La Crosse
USGS E.D. Cope trawling in the Upper Mississippi River main channel
US Fish and Wildlife Service and USGS staff tagging fish
Effigy Mounds National Park, Iowa
USGS scientist measuring common loon egg

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