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Piedmont, Missouri

Spring Valley
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background information Hydrology (UMESC)

These data were created from USGS - National Mapping Division hydrology data. The data were modified to display tributaries of the Upper Mississippi River System (UMRS). If you require these data in their original format, contact the EROS Data Center.

Shape Meta - UMRS Tributaries - 1:100,000-scale (483 KB)

background information Transportation (USGS-National Mapping Division)

USGS's 1:100,000-scale transportation data for the Upper Mississippi River floodplain are being redistributed through this web site as a service for program partners of the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center. If you require these data as UNIX format files, data for additional areas, or want to make sure you have the most recent version of the data, contact the EROS Data Center. EROS makes these data available to download via the Internet.

Shape Meta - Miscellaneous Transportation - 1:100,000-scale (20 KB)
Shape Meta - Railroads - 1:100,000-scale (19 KB)
Shape Meta - Roads - 1:100,000-scale (525 KB)

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