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Lower Mississippi River

Updated November 29, 2011

background information Aerial Photos (UMESC)

Orthoreferenced Color Infrared Images
In 2010, the EMP partnered with the USFWS to fly and acquire CIR digital aerial photography of Pools 1-13, Upper Mississippi River and Pools Alton–Marseilles, Illinois River at 8"/pixel and 16"/pixel respectively using a mapping-grade Applanix DSS439 digital aerial camera . The photography was collected at a minimum accuracy of 5-10 meters. These are the orthorectified photo mosaics for all or portions of the coverage area. The flights occurred during times of peak vegetation biomass, from August 13, 2010 through September 1, 2010. The mosaics are served as orthoreferenced JPEG2000 images.

jpg2000Metadata - 2010 Lower Mississippi River Orthoreferenced Color Infrared Image (227 MB JPG2000)



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