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Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center Staff - Randy Hines

Randy HinesRandy K. Hines

Position title: Wildlife Biologist & Partnership Coordinator

Email: rkhines@usgs.gov
Phone: 608.781.6398
Fax: 608.783.6066

1989 M.S., Forestry - Integrated Resource Management, Southern Illinois University
1987 B.S., Zoology & Wildlife Ecology, Southern Illinois University

Primary Responsibilities/Activities:
Since 2003, I became the Partnership Coordinator for UMESC and oversee the science communication program. Responsibilities include coordinating the exchange of scientific and technical information requested by other agencies, organizations, and the general public. I also perform outreach programs to provide educational opportunities and increase community awareness of Center activities.

Safety duties include working with local management, supervisors, and employees to facilitate a safe and healthful environment by building an occupational safety and health culture that will move the Bureau toward the goal of zero loss to human and material resources.  I provide managers with assistance in administering local safety, and health programs; conduct annual audits of the occupational safety and health program for my center; and provide or arrange safety training for staff.  I oversee the watercraft safety and firearm safety programs.

Research Interests:
My professional research experience has been in both, research and management, involving wildlife and fisheries ecology, toxicology, and risk assessment. I have over 25 years of research and field experience. My research interests are avian ecology, habitat assessment/enhancement, and field application (radio telemetry, GIS, video/camera) technique development. Experience with numerous species including, sea lamprey, colonial waterbirds, Neotropical songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, and common loons. 

Active Projects:

Select Publications:
Kenow, K. P., Lyon, J. E., Hines, R. K., and Elfessi, A., 2007, Estimating biomass of submersed vegetation using a simple rake sampling technique: Hydrobiologia, v. 575, p. 447-454. (Abstract)

Kenow, K. P., Meyer, M. W., Hines, R. K., and Karasov, W. H., 2007, Distribution and accumulation of mercury in tissues of captive-reared common loon (Gavia immer) chicks: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, v. 26, no. 5, p. 1047-1055. (Abstract)

Knutson, M. G., Powell, L. A., Hines, R. K., Friberg, M. A., and Niemi, G. J., 2006, An assessment of bird habitat quality using population growth rates: Condor, v. 108, no. 2, p. 301-314. (Abstract)


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