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Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center Staff - Eileen Kirsch

Eileen M. Kirsch                   

Position title: Research Wildlife Biologist

Email: ekirsch@usgs.gov
Phone: 608.781.6226
Fax: 608.783.6066                 

Ph.D. Zoology, University of Montana
M.A. Biology University of Nebraska – Omaha
B.S. Biology University of Nebraska - Omaha

Research Interests:

Active Projects:

Select Publications:
Eileen M. Kirsch, Brian R. Gray, Tim S. Fox, and Wayne E. Thogmartin. 2007. Breeding bird territory placement in riparian wet meadows in relation to invasive reed canary grass, Phalaris arundinacea.  Wetlands. In Press.

Mark S. Boyce, Eileen M. Kirsch and Christopher Serveen.  2002.  Bet-hedging applications for conservation. Biological Conservation 27 (Suppl.2):385-392.

Kirsch, E.M. and J.G. Sidle.  1999.  Status of the interior population of least tern.  Journal of Wildlife Management.  63:470-483.

Community Characteristics of Breeding Passerine Birds in Relation to Riverine Habitats on Selected Reaches of the Upper Mississippi River

Bird Use of and Productivity in Reed Canary Grass Dominating Wet Meadows

Science Support for Regional and Refuge Bird Conservation Planning

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